The Verdict (The End)

If you made it all the way up here from the bottom then congratulations, you’ve reached the conclusion! In the case of The People vs. George Lucas this jury finds the defendant guilty of being not guilty. Pretty weird conclusion to arrive at, huh? Well, let me tell you about how I got there. While the film has a negative spin to it, at least from a stylistic perspective, ultimately Lucas is acquitted on account of being the man he always wanted to be. The fans, however angry they were and still are over his decision making process, still find solace by films end at the fact that Lucas gave them Star Wars to begin with. Included with the fans are the more scholarly mediators, who find Lucas a fascinating case study of a man that became the very thing he feared. But while he may have become somewhat overbearing from a creative standpoint, the film acknowledges that ultimately Lucas realized his dream of creative freedom while at the same time giving the film industry new tools with which to create blockbuster films. Star Wars in this sense belongs equally to both parties then. For Lucas, his dreams of becoming a filmmaker with ultimate creative control over his ideas has become a reality. He has succeeded in entertaining multiple generations of fans while at the same time giving each successive generation more access to his vast universe. For the fans, their distaste for Lucas’ creative decision making is tempered by all of the joy he’s given them already. Whether that’s through the recreation of Star Wars in new creative ways, or living in the aforementioned sandbox of the universe, the fans still truly admire Lucas for the man he once was and to a certain extent still very much is. And so it is with this notion that The People vs. George Lucas leaves its audience. Both sides are a little right and also a little wrong, but in the end both can cohere through the hardship and foster more creative opportunities for one another. The circular nature of the narrative comes full circle here, as the film ends with fans expressing their ultimate love for Lucas and all he’s given them. It also leaves the future of the franchise in a bit of an ambiguous light, a nervous excitement if you will. Of course at this point we know where Star Wars is headed, based on all of the new information we can glean from Disney’s planned future of the franchise. As a piece of rhetoric TPvGL succeeds in what it sets out to accomplish: to convince the audience of the merits of both sides in as objective a manner as possible.


(Side Note: I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and I can’t help but be excited for the future of the franchise. Especially because of my obsession with Stormtroopers, I need them in my life.)

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